Shuttle XPC Fanless Series

XPC Fanless Series - Fanless, Energy-Efficient, and Silent Operation

XPC Fanless series features passive thermal cooling system, which ensures heat dissipation efficiency under varying computing workloads while combining low power consumption and reliability. In addition, and in some verticle applications that run 24/7, the fanless design helps the system extend MTBF (mean time between failures) to minimize maintenance efforts and downtime costs.

Shuttle DL20N, Fanless, Celeron

As low as $349.95

Best Budget Fanless Business PC. Powerful, Energy-Saving and Robust Connectivity The Shuttle XPC slim DL20N is a low-power consumption and affordable business and productivity computer. Within the fanless chassis of body thickness 43mm, the DL20N...

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Shuttle DS10U, Fanless, Celeron

As low as $419.95

Shuttle DS10U XPC Fanless Series Mini PC System Features Powered by the 8th Generation 1.80GHz Intel Celeron Processor 4205U (formerly Whiskey Lake) Passive thermal cooling design allows 24/7 operation not only quiet, but also low in energy use and...

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