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VIA EPIA P910 General Datasheet and User Manual.

The VIA EPIA-P910 Pico-ITX mainboard is a compact native x86 mainboard optimized for systems in embedded and multimedia applications. It can also be used for various domain applications such as medical PC, industrial PC, and etc. The mainboard is based on the VIA VX11H Media System Processor that features the VIA C-640 DX11 with 3D/2D graphics and video accelerators for rich digital media performance.

The VIA EPIA-P910 mainboard has integrated mini HDMI port, Gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.0 ports, VGA port, and onboard pin header for optional EPIA-P910-A expansion card. The VIA EPIA-P910 has a powerful, secure, and efficient VIA Eden® X4 processor. The VIA Eden X4 processor includes the VIA AES Security Engine, VIA CoolStream Architecture and VIA PowerSaver Technology.

The VIA EPIA-P910 includes one 1333MHz DDR3 SODIMM slot that support up to 8GB memory size. The VIA EPIA-P910 provides support for high fidelity audio with its included VIA VT2021 High Definition Audio codec. In addition it supports two SATA 3.0Gbps storage devices and fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

The VIA Eden X4 is a 64-bit superscalar x86 multi-core processor combine on two dies. It is based on advanced 28 nanometer process technology packed into an ultra-compact NanoBGA2 package measuring 21mm x 21mm. The VIA Eden X4 processor delivers a superb performance on multi-tasking, multimedia playback, productivity and internet browsing in a low power budget. In addition, it is ideal for most of multi-display environment, and embedded system applications such as industrial PCs, test machines, measuring equipment, digital signage, medical PCs, monitoring systems, gaming machines, in-vehicle entertainment, etc. 

The VIA VX11H is the fourth generation, highly integrated Media System Processor which provides high quality digital video streaming and high definition video playback. It features the VIA C-640 DX11 3D/2D graphics and video processor, High Definition video decoder supports DDR3 1333 controller and USB 3.0 interface. The VIA VX11H offers superb-graphics performance, immersive visual experience, and supports DirectX 11.0 that allows realistic 3D rendering and increased visual acuity. The VIA VX11H is based on a highly sophisticated power efficient architecture that enables such rich integration into a compact package. 

The EPIA-P910 further proves its versatility by providing an optional expansion connector. The EPIA-P910- A I/O expansion card is connected through onboard pin headers carrying the front panel I/O such as audio jack, USB 2.0 ports, LED indicator and power button. The companies using the EPIA-P910 with EPIA-P910-A I/O expansion card obtain the maximum benefits and enable to slowly roll out upgrades as necessary instead of having to replace everything all at once. 

Form Factor:
Pico-ITX (100mm x 72mm)
1.20GHz VIA Eden X4
Fanless with Passive Heatsink
VIA VX11H Media System Processor
1 x DDR3 SODIMM Socket, up to 8GB
2 x SATA connectors
Integrated C-640 DX11 Graphics
1 x Mini-HDMI Connector
1 x VGA Connector
1 x LVDS pin header
1 x VIA VT6130 Gigabit LAN
High Speed Extension Connector
Power Supply:
12V DC Power Input
Operating Temperature:
From 0 to 60-degree C

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